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Who doesn't want to <Get Mounted>? I know I do!

Welcome to our website.  Our site is still under construction, so please excuse our appearance.

<Get Mounted> Was founded on July 21, 2012.  We are a fairly new guild with amazing members.  We are aiming to be a small guild with active members who are friendly, social, helpful, and most of all love to play the game together!  We run dugeons, mostly heroics and HoT's, as well as arenas.  We are currently LF a few more to form our core raid group for PvE and PvP raiding.

Guild Masters

Guild Officers
As you can see, we have a few officer positions available, but only to those who are DESERVING.

Our Core Raid Team Consists of:
2 priest heals
1 paladin tank
2 mage dps
1 dk dps
1 warlock dps

We are currently LF:
1 tank w/dps offspec/dps alt
1 heals (other than a priest)
1 melee dps

In our guild, we love to <Get Mounted>!  Every Tuesday night we schedule raid/dungeon runs that have a definite mount drop, we run achievements such as "Glory of the Hero" for the red proto drake, and we are working on running others, as well.

We do dailies and love to get achieves in our guild as well.

ATTN:: Please check out the guild information section as it has good links to more information about the guild, such as guild rules, recruiting, gearing/gemming/enchanting help, and much more to come.

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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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